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ویدیوی آموزشی VOA: تلفظ خود را بهتر کنید - ۲

ویدیوی آموزشی VOA: تلفظ خود را بهتر کنید + متن کامل ویدیو – ۲

فست زبان: البته که یکی از راه های یادگیری زبان، آموزش های ویدیویی است. در این ویدیوی آموزشی از شبکه VOA شما یک گزارش اقتصادی را مشاهده خواهید کرد و با آن می توانید تلفظ خود را بهتر کنید.

 این ویدیو از سری آموزش های شبکه VOA است که با مشاهده آن می توانید تلفظ خود را بهبود بخشید. همچنین ما برای دانشجویان علاقه مند زبان که به دنبال متن اخبار VOA هستند، متن کامل این ویدیو (Transcription) را آماده کردیم و در انتهای مطلب قرار دادیم. امید است که مورد توجه شما عزیزان قرار گیرد.
مدت زمان ویدیو: ۳ دقیقه و 6 ثانیه
موضوع ویدیو: Economics یا گزارش اقتصادی
ویدیو در حال بارگزاری است...

From VOA learning English, this is the Economics Report.

American companies are feeling hopeful about 2014.

A new report says, most companies that took part in a recent survey expect stronger sales and profits this year.

The National Association for Business Economics asked it’s 64 members about the US economy, about 70 of those questions, expected the economy to grow between 25 and 30 this year, Ken Simonson works for the group.

He says, the low point for the economy came last October during the partial closure of the Federal government. He says, many companies seem prepared to plan to invest more in equipment in 2014, more than one third of the businesses reported higher profit margins, a measurement of financial gain.

Nearly half the companies expect to raise prices. However, only 37 say they plan to add more workers in the next six months. Businesses that plan to expand, say a lack of skilled workers is a central problem.

Mr. Simonson says about 25 of the businesses surveyed, have a difficult time finding skilled labor. This is a problem for petrochemical companies that create chemical products made from petroleum.

These companies recently announced projects valued at nearly 100 billion dollars, Mr. Simonson says more workers are needed for these projects.

He warns that without more workers, there will be delays and cost will increase. Some projects could be delayed or canceled.

Most of the businesses questioned, say they expect no effect from new central bank policies. Only 20 expect any harmful effects from the countries.

New healthcare program, 40 VOA learning English. I’m Alex Siloam from VOA learning English. This is the economics report.

Bangladeshi garment workers earn less than workers in clothing factories in any other country. Thousands of people demonstrated in Bangladesh in the weeks after a building collapse killed more than 1000 garment workers.

The protesters were demanding safe conditions and higher pay. The building that collapsed contained several clothing factories. Most of the victims were women.

The tragedy has brought attention to working conditions for those who make clothing for famous international brands and retailers.

Labor union activists say organized labor groups are the most effective way to increase safety in the workplace. Earl ground Jr is a labor and employment lawyer in Washington.

He directs the China and law programs at the solidarity center, a non governmental organization. The Solidarity Center supports independent unionism, Mr. Brown says Bangladeshi officials have opposed efforts to organize unions and have refused to register unions not tied to political parties.

He says the lack of independent workers’ rights group’s means there is no pressure to enforce safety rules. Catarina Linus is an assistant professor of law at the University of California.

Berkeley. She says, examples of effective policy from around the world can influence politicians and voters. She says, activists gain approval for reforms by showing that such measures work in other countries like Earl brown, junior, she says, the right to organize into unions is the most important condition for creating labor policy change.

Recently, Bangladesh has stopped requiring that factory owners be given the names of workers seeking to start unions for a learning English.

I’m Alex pillow from VOA learning English. This is the economics report. Are you a saver or a spender? A penny saved is a penny earned this old saying calls.

Attention to the wisdom of saving money. Putting money away for a rainy day is another recognize to say In the United states.

People who want to start a savings account, have several choices. These include banks and credit unions, credit unions are cooperatives for people who have some kind of connection.

For example, the members might work for a university or a government agency. Most credit unions are nonprofit organizations, credit unions, banks, and other financial organizations pay interest on savings accounts, but the interest rates are generally low certificates of deposit or CDS pay higher returns with a cd.

A person agrees not to withdraw the money for a certain period of time. This term could be anywhere from a few months to several years, longer terms and larger amounts, pay higher interest, but early withdrawal means CD holders must pay a penalty.

Another way to save is through a money market fund. This is a kind of mutual fund mutual funds, invest money from many people, money market funds, however, may not be Federally guaranteed like other kinds of savings.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation guarantee savings up to 250000 in a number of countries. People have been saving less over the years.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is a group of 34 countries. The OECD says, Americans saved about 45 of their household income last year, down from 64 years ago.

A learning English, I’m Alex pillar from VOA learning English. This is the economics report. Chinese officials say a national economy grew last year at about the same rate as in 2012.

The 77 growth rate was the slowest growth. China has reported since 1999. China’s economy is the world’s second largest margin on Ton is Director of China’s National Bureau of statistics.

He says, it is no easy job to keep growth at over and to keep inflation low. He says, this combination is unusual in the world.

China’s economy had 10p growth rates in the years before the World Financial Crisis of 2008, that economic growth resulted from big trade surpluses and for an investment now says machete, China is working to balance exports with demand at home recently released information shows that household spending in China remains lower than in most economies.

Some experts say businesses often buy goods for their employees to avoid taxes. This means companies are increasing demand for household goods by buying them directly.

Chinese officials say they want to reduce the economic influence of state controlled businesses and to let market forces shape the economy.

However, economists expect China’s growth to slow in the coming years, the economic recovery in western countries means rising demand for Chinese exports.

One issue that might slow growth is the expanding local government debt that debt is estimated at about one third of the economy.

The central government is moving away from growth to areas such as environmental protection and containing debt experts say that could also weaken investment and slow growth for VOA learning English.

I’m Alex, will the raw from VOA learning English. This is the economics report, the economies of India and China could be larger than many people have thought.

A new study for the World Bank now has some experts predicting that China will become the world’s largest economy by one measure this year.

The same study says that India economy could pass hands as the world’s third largest to get their results. The researchers used a different way to measure the size of a nation’s economy.

Usually economists measure by a country’s Gross Domestic product, the value of all goods and services it produces, but some say a different method called purchasing power.

Parity or PPP is a better measure. It examines differences in the cost of living among nations, the report is from the international comparison program, which was established by the United nations.

The results are based on prices in 2011. Come out. Malawi is a professor at the University of Warwick in Britain. He says, PPP provides the economists with a way to compare the cost of ordinary things that people need in different countries, experts then establish a base exchange rate and use it to compare economies.

The gross domestic product measure uses market based exchange rates to compare economies. They are exchange rates paid by travelers and exporters.

So the main difference between GDP and PPP is how exchange rates are computed regrade is chief financial analysts at Bank aecom.

He says, PPP is more like an estimate than a measurement world. Bank information shows that China’s GDP was about 80 trillion dollars in 2012.

That was half the size of the 16 trillion US economy for a learning English. I’m Alex Pillay out from VOA learning English.

This is the economics report. The head of the US Central Bank has told Congress that the economy is improving after very slow growth in the first three months of the year. US Federal Reserve chair, Janet Ellen’s report came soon after the government announced April employment numbers.

They showed the biggest monthly gain in two years. This Ellen’s comments were hopeful. She said she expects economic activity to expand at a faster rate this year than it did last year.

However, the Central Bank Chief remained concerned about employment and international tensions. She said the thread of conflict in other countries and growing financial problems in some developing countries could hurt the world economy.

The Federal Reserve or fed for short has been cutting back its efforts to support the economy. The Fed has reduced, it’s government bond buying activities, said purchases went from 85 billion five months ago to about 45 billion now bond buying by the Central Bank puts more money into the economy, and it has helped keep interest rates near historically low levels.

This program called quantitative easing is set to end in the last three months of this year, but Janet Yellen said, borrowing rates would remain low for, in her words a considerable amount of time. Earlier.

The US Labor Department said the economy added 288000 jobs in April that brought the unemployment rate to its lowest level in five years, the employment news balanced, the commerce department’s announcement that economic growth was very slow in the first three months of the year for VOA learning English.

I’m Alex, spill a riot from VOA learning English. This is the health report. Schizophrenia is a long term and often disabling brain disorder. People with Schizophrenia suffer a break in the links among their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

They may hear voices that other people do not schizophrenics often withdraw from reality from family and friends. This means they may not seek help for the disorder.

The main treatment for schizophrenia is medication, but sufferers may forget to take their medicine. Now, research suggests that community based in home care is an effective method for treating people with schizophrenia.

The study involved almost 300 schizophrenic patients in India, all the patients were between 16 and 60 years old. Researchers looked at community care for these men and women in their homes.

Then the researchers compared it to the care received at mental health centers. Study leader. Gram Ford Croft is with the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s Colleg
e in London.

He says, healthcare workers visited the homes of 187 schizophrenic patients, the workers gave the patient’s medication, and follow up care between Doctor visits.

They taught family members how to care for their loved ones. The in home care was combined with visits, two mental health centers. The progress of this group was compared to 95 patients who received care only at mental health centers.

Mr. Thorcast says that a year later, the patients who received in home care showed major improvements. He said they were more connected to the real world, had fewer problems, and were more likely to take their medicine for VOA learning English.

I’m Alex Hillary, out from VOA learning English. This is the economics report. Toyota Motor corporation agreed to a record fine of 102 billion dollars on March 19th, the record fine brought to a clothes, a United States criminal investigation into safety problems with some too to vehicles.

Toyota is the world’s largest car maker. The head of the Justice department, attorney general. Eric Holder said The company misled the public about two safety issues.

The problems cause some vehicles to gain speed uncontrollably. The settlement ends a four year investigation into how much information too to with held from safety officials, the problems involved poorly made floor coverings and gas pedals that could become stock in position.

The affected vehicles could speed up unexpectedly as a result. The company recalled about 100 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles, but it did not describe the full extent of the problems and blamed drivers.

Attorney General Holder said two to agreed to have an independent group look at how the company deals with safety issues.

Mr Holder said the fine was the largest criminal penalty against a car company in US history. He said The amount was right because of too, as actions in the case to owners have brought hundreds of private legal cases against the company in connection with the acceleration issue.

Toyota released a statement saying It has made major changes to its operations to become a more responsive company. US investigators are also looking at car maker, general motors, gm, as recalled more than 15 million vehicles for problems with starter devices, VOA learning English.

I’m Alex Pilar from VOA learning English. This is the economics report on May 30th. A court in Cambodia found guilty 23 clothing workers and union members.

They were arrested during violent protests in January, in which at least four workers were killed. However, the cord immediately suspended the sentences international companies had watched the case closely.

The defendants were charged with a number of offenses including incitement and property damage. Legal experts said the trial did not meet international guidelines.

They said The judge Bard defendants from speaking or questioning witnesses. The Court gave the defendants sentences from one to four and a half years, but it venerated to suspend the sentences to time already served unrest about pay has resulted in deadly protests in Cambodia.

The monthly minimum wage currently stands at 100. The garment workers want that raised to 1060. There is also a disputed law related to trade unions that the government wants to pass by the end of the year.

A delegation of international clothing. Companies recently spoke to top government officials, representatives from and puma, and the Gap said they would find other sources for their products unless worker conditions improved the garment industry in Cambodia, employees about 6000 workers, the brands offer to pay more to factories that employ workers, but they say the Cambodian government must also act by not using violence or the courts against protesters, the clothing or garment manufacturing industry is an important part of Cambodians economy providing about 55 billion in exports last year for VOA learning English.

I’m Alex pillow from VOA learning English. This is the economics report. India’s new government is developing a plan to increase economic growth, which has fallen to its lowest level in nearly 200 years. The government led by the Barton party of Prime Minister narendra.

Modi is expected to be more friendly to business and it has promised greater opportunities for foreign investors. Finance Minister are room Jael recently presented the new government’s first budget.

The Indian economy has grown at only 54 of the last two years. Mr. Lee resented the yearly budget. Six weeks after the Borat gone to party came to power.

The party is trying to find chances for the one million people who enter the workforce every year. Mr. Jane said, the new budget would set the government on a path to hire economic growth.

Indian and foreign investors closely examined the government’s first budget. They questioned if Prime Minister Modi could raise business support in the country.

He had been popular with the business community in Gujarat stayed where he served as Chief minister. The government announced several economic reforms to show that it plans to help business one permits more private investment in the defense and insurance industries.

That amount was increased from 206 249. The government also promised a bigger part for private industry in the improvement of roads, railroads, airports, and other systems. It also announced measures to help manufacturing.

The government said It will establish a simpler goods and services tax to make it easier to do business across the countries. 29 states, 40 VOA learning English.

I’m Alex Hillary, out from VOA learning English. This is the economics report. Last week, we reported that international economists released a hopeful report about Africa’s economy, the African Development bank, the United Nations Development program, and the OECD Development Center wrote The report.

It predicts economic growth on the content could reach 56 over the next two years. Economists expect seven percent growth in West Africa’s economy in the next two years.

They say, oil continues to be a major source of income, but that other industries are also important. Growth in Nigeria is coming from agriculture traded Information and Communications Technology Manufacturing is helping gonna grow. Creon is the fastest growing country in the area because of its iron or exports, as well as it’s agriculture and building industries in Southern Africa and goals.

AMB and Sandia are expected to grow between five and seven percent labor
problems and weak for an export markets have affected growth in South Africa, but that country is still expected to grow almost 30 percent over the next two years. Angela Lucki is an economist and Policy Adviser for the regional bureau for Africa. In the UN Development program.

She says, many countries are working to balance their bunches and they have solid financial policies. She says, the next question is how to make those improved policies result in growth that helps all of a country’s citizens.

She says, inequality remains a big problem in Africa. Ms. Lucie says, it is important to have growth that affects all people and not just one group for VOA learning English. I’m Alex pillar.

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